Three Rivers Little League (competitive baseball & softball)



Three Rivers Little League picks players and forms teams to compete in Little League Baseball Colorado District 1 All Stars. Players are picked by coaches, the board of directors, and the players themselves.

 compete in as many divisions of District 1 All Stars as the number of eligible players and coaches allow. Players may compete in one division for the regular season but qualify to compete in a division above or below for All Stars. 

The District 1 All Star tournament is held in or near Grand Junction. The All Star season begins in early June and the tournament is held between the end of June to the middle of July. Successful teams move on to the State Tournament in Denver held in July and August. Players that are placed on all stars teams should be prepared to be available to practice and travel between June and the end of July. All star players will incur additional fees and travel expenses.

The Little League All-star program is a continuation of the Little League regular season program and consists of up to 4 possible tournaments: Districts, State, Regionals (TX), and the World Series Tournament. The District tournament is TBD, and the State tournament is TBD . This year the Majors, Intermediate, and JRs divisions are able to move onto Regionals if they win at State.

We will be assessing the kids to place teams in the following divisions; Baseball Minors (8-10 year olds), Baseball 11U (11 and under), Baseball Little League (12 and under), Baseball Intermediate (13 and under), Baseball JRs (14 and under), Softball Little League (10-12), and Softball JRs (12-14). Tryouts will be held Sunday May 21st, time and location Teams and coaches will be announced on or before May 29th, and practices will begin early in June, depending on coach’s schedules.

Practices are time consuming and require commitment from the players, parents, and coaches. Teams will consist of players from Aspen to Glenwood to Vail, so there is a great likelihood you will be traveling frequently. If your player can not commit to attending practices and be available during the tournament, please do not show up at tryouts. Each player will need to fill out (if they haven’t already) the School Enrollment form (see attached), it needs signed by a school administrator-so please get this done now before school is out. Note your players name needs to be the same as it is on their birth certificates. And yes, if selected to a team, we will need an Original Birth Certificate for each participant, we will have it for a couple weeks, but will return it to you when the paperwork is completed.

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