Three Rivers Little League (competitive baseball & softball)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your League ID?
A. 4060106

Q. When, where, and how often are practices held?
A. Practice frequency and times are determined by coaches.  Location is determined by field availability, but every effort is made to hold practices on local fields.  It will vary by coach, but you can expect practices to be held 3-5 days/week before games start and somewhat less often once games begin.

Q. On what days of week are games played?
A. The answer varies by division.  Minors play on Monday, Thursday, and some Saturdays. Majors play on Tuesday and have doubleheaders on Saturdays.  50/70 plays on Wednesdays and has doubleheaders on Saturdays.  Juniors play  on Tuesday and have doubleheaders on Saturdays.

Q. Must my player attend assessments or tryouts?
A.  We ask for every player to attend so that we can get an accurate sense of each player's ability, especially if the player has not played with Three Rivers in a prior season as we have absolutely no sense of their skill and ability.  This helps tremendously with team formation, especially in divisions and areas where drafts are held.  That said, we do not have makeup sessions and realize there are always going to be some players that for myriad reasons cannot attend.

Q. When will I hear about when practices and games will be held?
A. There is a page on this website entitled Key Dates that indicates when teams will be announced.  Once teams are announced, coaches will be in touch with practice information shortly thereafter.  The game schedule will be released as soon as it can be created post team announcement.

Q. During registration my player was given multiple divisions as options to sign up for...which one should I choose?
A. Please choose the option you feel is most appropriate given your players' skill and experience level.  We reserve the right and ability to change the the division in which s/he plays based on skill & ability, location, and registration numbers as we endeavor to create teams with ideally 12 players.

Q. Do you offer tee ball?
A.  Three Rivers does not offer tee ball but the local recreation districts do.  Please come play with us when your player is league age 7 (baseball) or league age 9 (softball).  Please see the League Age and Eligibility page on this website for more information.

Q. What gear does my player need to have?
A. For baseball, your player needs a bat with a USA Baseball logo on it, a glove, and a helmet.  For softball, bats cannot be more than 34" long and have a BPF 1.2 rating on them.  Softball players also need gloves and helmets.  We may have helmets to lend for the season - ask your coach.

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